Be prepared to have your pants set on fire, at any moment a pyroclastic wind may rip your world apart. The content of this blog is potentially dangerous and readers should be forewarned not to attempt visiting or taking a vacation to a location anywhere near any one of these explosive volcanoes. That is unless you are a vulcanologist or tourist who wants to take their last picture of a volcano about to explode and sends shards of glass, bombs and fiery ash in your direction. Just take a seat and watch the action from a distance. Here I will post links to information gathered by scientists who braved many dangers to life and limb: pix of volcanic plumes from nearby mountains, spaceshots, satellite images of sulfur dioxide, first hand observations of eruptions and scientific data. There are also charts which illustrate how these explosive eruptions change regional climate. Read on and discover the connection between sulfur dioxide emissions and ozone depletion.


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