Sheviluch Eruption December 3, 2013 VEI 4, plume 9km asl.


Sheviluch eruption December 3, 2013, plume reaches 8-9km asl.



Shiveluch erupts Jan. 12th, ~10*C rise in temperature in midJanuary, notice spike: Minor Warming


Temperatures too warm for PSClouds to form. Cause of this event:


  1. QBO winds turned easterly so Brewer Dobson Circulation increased with downward heat wave onto Arctic with additional Ozone flux.

  2. Dust storm carried by Planetary-scale wave disturbed the Polar Vortex.

  3. Cyclone generated in either the Bering or MidAtlantic entered the Arctic region.

  4. Tremendous amount of heat carried by water vapor in volcanic plume of Shiveluch eruption rose above the Tropopause into the Arctic Stratosphere, thereby slowing down the Polar Night Jet and displacing the Polar Vortex.



Temperatures are still near -85*C, PSClouds intact in Lower Stratosphere.



Lower Stratospheric mean temperatures are sharply rising after December 3 eruption.





Zonal wind is +10 to 20 m/s between 100 & 30mb so QBO is westerly, no heat wave from the tropics has occurred.








North Poleward eddy heat flux at 100mb.




Rise of poleward heat flux coincides with Shiveluch eruptions of November & December 2013. Volcanic plume was observed to have reached 9km asl., heat from plume would continue to rise with plume spreading outward into Stratosphere.





PSCloud area split to near zero in early December 2013 after Sheviluch eruption Dec. 3rd.


Then reduced from ~14 million sq km in early January to ~6 million sq km in mid January after Shiveluch eruption on January 12, plume rose to ~8km.



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